Sunday, 28 July 2013

Earth Magic by Linda M.Priestley

Earth Magic
From Goodreads

A novella-length gentle love story.

Physically and mentally scarred after a terrible accident, Claire is trying to pull her life together. Bullied because of her appearance, she is saved by Jake, a young man with troubles of his own. In working with him in the garden he has created, Claire finds peace and a purpose in life, along with the first steps towards friendship and, perhaps, even love. However, Claire's fragile, new-found confidence is threatened when family loyalties cause friction between them.

My review

Linda M.Priestley is a pseudonym for Linda Gruchy, whose usual stories are completely different to this gentle romance.

At just over a 100 pages this kindle only read was a freebie that I picked up. It's a little formulaic and a tad predictable but it's not badly written. I did notice that the story could have done with a little better proof reading as I noticed quite a few typos that could easily have been amended but that was my only niggle.

The story tells the tale of the blossoming relationship between Claire and Jake, which has a slightly rough journey and is full of obstacles that are put in their way. Will love triumph among the flower beds? 6/10

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