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Malkin Child by Livi Michael

Malkin Child
From Goodreads

Wouldn't you like to save your family, Jennet?

Jennet's family all believe they are witches. Other folk think they are, too. But 1612 is a dangerous time to be a witch. When her family are imprisoned and put on trial in Lancaster Castle, Jennet's evidence will help decide their fate.

My review

When this was mentioned at my local Library Reading Group while we discussed our July read ~ The Daylight Gate by Jeanette Winterson, it was an alternative take on the Pendle Witches story but this one is aimed at the younger reader but works well as an adult read too.  I thought I'd like to give it a go to compare the two. At just over a 100 pages it's a quick read and is told very simply but very well in my opinion. 

The story centres around the Device family predominantly.  When Jennet's family are taken and locked up in Lancaster castle accused of witchcraft, it becomes apparent that Jennet might have the means to save them all. However, all is not as it seems and poor Jennet the young and innocent child soon becomes a pawn in other peoples hands.

Who can she trust and what must she say to help her family?  All becomes apparent as the story progresses and the story comes to it's conclusion.  

This story is worth reading if you've got an interest in history and the stories surrounding the Pendle witches.

On comparing the two I've got to admit I preferred this take on the Pendle Witches story.  8/10.

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