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Flight of the Eagle (The Sacred Quest Trilogy #2) by Skarlet Lu Realta


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As this supernatural magic thriller deepens, the cryptic secrets of a strange language and trail of clues left by the Magus across time deepens. The Magus continues to haunt Louise’s sleeping and waking hours in his relentless pursuit for her to call him back to her across time while the sinister events surrounding their true magic identity and traumatic parting unravel. As the Magus reveals seven principles of alchemy, ancient temple magic, a far deeper and supernatural magical reality than she had ever previously suspected to exist emerges yet with it, a great terror. The thrilling quest for the truth of their alchemy and destined reunion intensifies while the menacing darkness that stalks them crosses dimensions of time to thwart them once more. What great secret will she and the Magus unleash if they succeed in reuniting to complete what they once began? 

My thoughts

My thanks to the Author via TBConFB for the opportunity to read this in exchange for an honest review. I gave this an 8/10 or 4 stars.

This is the second in The Sacred Quest Trilogy that continues on where The Quest Begins, the first book finished.

As the plot thickens and Louise becomes more involved in finding out her true destiny, past secrets are unveiled slowly to her. The story sees her travelling the world in order to uncover links that are based on varying themes. The Magus is keen for her to follow what at times appears to be a predestined route that hopefully will find him as her pot of gold. Louise is faced with many different men and at each turn, she is wondering which if any of them will be the true likeness of the Magus. How will she ever know? Will she ever find him?

The only way that the Sacred Quest that Louise is on will be solved, is to grab the final instalment The Return of the Magus and read on to find out how the story is drawn to its conclusion.

I enjoyed this second story on the whole, at times I was slightly confused as all the travelling from one Country to another did seem to merge into one a little, with no reference to it until Louise was actually there. Having said that, all the travel is relevant to the story. I am very intrigued to see where the Author is taking us. I feel that the Author has done a lot of research into the subject matter of the underlying story and at times it's quite informative.

Read on dear reader, read on, as I am going to do with the third story.

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