Friday, 24 February 2017

First Class Voyage (First Class Novels #4) by A.J.Harmon


From Goodreads

First Class Voyage is the 4th book in the First Class Novels adult contemporary romance series by AJ Harmon.

When best friends Janie and Katy fell in love with the rich and sexy Lathem brothers Matt & Mark they didn’t realize the new family dynamics they would be sucked into.

Family time takes on a whole new meaning when Maureen, the matriarch of the Lathem clan, decides she wants to celebrate her wedding anniversary by taking the entire family on a Caribbean cruise. She drags her husband, seven adult sons, their significant others, five grandchildren and a mother-in-law onto a floating city in the Caribbean Sea with 3000 other passengers… where insecurities and tension between in-laws begin to surface.

Matt and Janie are still enjoying their happily ever after while Katy struggles to find her place in the large family. Frustrated by Maureen’s constant pressure to transform her 3 year engagement into wedding bells, Katy boards the ship expecting it to be the worst 14 days of her life. Mid-voyage, panic sets in when Janie’s best friend fails to return from a shore excursion with Mark. Remember what happened the last time Katy went missing?

In this book you’ll be introduced to Matt and Mark’s five younger brothers including Paul, a Navy Seal on leave between tours of duty. He’s not excited about being trapped on a boat surrounded by the circus called his family. Is Paul ready to trade in the organized discipline of military life to be a civilian with a wife and family?

First Class Voyage is a light, easy, smile-inducing read that explores love and family in the 21st century.  

My thoughts

This was a freebie e-book for my Kindle via Bookbub. It's the 4th in a series and with hindsight perhaps I shouldn't have got it, as to be honest it wasn't the best story to read as a standalone, I felt that with not having read the first 3 that I'd missed out on some of the back story of the Lathem family. I won't be reading any of the books before or after it, as I've TOO many other GOOD books waiting to be read.

The writing was very simplistic and meandered along at times at a slow pace. Occasionally pages seemed to go on in detail about what all the family were doing, this didn't really seem to enhance or move the story on.

The storyline surrounding one couple was a tad predictable and I spotted what was going to happen a mile off. The fact that they were pushed into the decision surrounding the events by the matriarch of the family, played a huge part in what they did and why they did it.

It was in the words of Goodreads (with the 2 star that I've given it), OK and that's about all you can say.

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