Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Stylist by Rosie Nixon


From Goodreads

When fashion boutique worker Amber Green is mistakenly offered a job as assistant to infamous, jet-setting 'stylist to the stars' Mona Armstrong, she hits the ground running, helping to style some of Hollywood's hottest (and craziest) starlets. As awards season spins into action Mona is in hot demand and Amber's life turned upside down. Suddenly she catching the attention of two very different suitors, TV producer Rob and Hollywood bad boy rising star Liam. How will Amber keep her head? And what the hell will everyone wear? The Stylist is a fast-paced, fun-packed rummage through the ultimate dressing up box.  

My thoughts

2 stars or 4/10 from me.

Sorry to say I found this a chore to read. I lost interest in it and felt that it could've been much shorter to be honest.

I was expecting great things from it with it being compared in some  ways to The Devil Wears Prada, but I felt that it didn't deliver.

I don't like giving up on books, as I feel that the author has taken the time to write it and the least we as readers can do is read it all. I also, often feel that if I give up on a book that I might have missed out on a good read if it gets better as you carry on with it. However, if I'd given up on this one I wouldn't have missed out on much at all.

It's a contemporary humorous read with a hint of romance thrown in.

I didn't really engage with many of the characters at all and really couldn't have cared less at all about what happened to them.

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