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Those We Left Behind (D.C.I. Serena Flanagan #1) by Stuart Neville


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For two brothers, a debt of violence will be paid over a lifetime.

Ciaran Devine, who made Belfast headlines seven years ago as the “schoolboy killer,” is about to walk free. At the age of twelve, he confessed to the brutal murder of his foster father; his testimony mitigated the sentence of his older brother, Thomas, who was also found at the crime scene, covered in blood. But DCI Serena Flanagan, the only officer who could convince a young, frightened Ciaran to speak, has silently harbored doubts about his confession all this time.

Ciaran’s release means several things: a long-anticipated reunion with Thomas, who still wields a dangerous influence over his younger brother; the call-to-action of a man bent on revenge for his father’s death; and major trouble for Ciaran’s assigned probation officer. Meanwhile, Serena Flanagan has just returned to the force from her battle with breast cancer, only to endure the pitying looks of her coworkers and a mountain of open case files. She will soon discover that even closed cases can unleash terror on the streets of Belfast.
My thoughts
Thanks to the Publishers and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this story in exchange for an honest review. I gave this 4 stars or 8/10.
Two brothers in foster care with a past that most of us are glad that we didn't have, commit a murder. Who is guilty of the murder of their foster father, which brother did it?
DCI Serena Flanagan was in charge of the case but had doubts at the time as to the truth behind the confession of the younger brother Ciaran. As Ciaran is due for release after having served time for the murder, we are brought up to date with the story. Thomas, the elder of the two boys a distinctly nasty piece of work is very manipulative and knows exactly what buttons to push were Ciaran is concerned. 
As the past is about to come back and in some ways haunt Serena, she is soon to become entangled in the unhealthy relationship between the two brothers. Will the truth ever be revealed? 
I enjoyed the first in this series, told in short chapters the tension and storyline soon grip the reader. Before you know where you are, you're in the thick of it. Stuart Neville writes about some truly nasty violent characters, who just can't seem to help themselves for how they behave. I can't wait to see what he has in store for DCI Flanagan next and look forward to reading more by this Author.


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