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The Dangerous Love of a Rogue by Jane Lark

The Dangerous Love of a Rogue

From Goodreads

“The game is on with Pembroke’s little sister…” Lord Andrew Framlington watched Miss Mary Marlow. The woman had been warned to keep away from him, but she had a little contrary in her soul. She had not been deterred. Perhaps she had a taste for bad hidden beneath her cold denials, or a liking for naughtiness in her soul – either of which appealed.

“Stop pretending you do not like me…” Drew had urged Mary, "Stop running…" Her body urged her to as much as he did. Something pulled her towards him. Something unknown and all consuming… and yet how could she disobey her father and her brother…

My thoughts

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, thanks to the Publishers and NetGalley.

This is the fourth in the Marlow series and is the first book that I have read by this Author. Whilst it would have been nice to have had the back story to the series, I feel that this book can be read as a standalone.

I enjoy reading historical romances for the escapism from modern day life and this book fit the bill nicely.

Miss Mary Marlow had been warned off from getting involved with Lord Andrew Framlington, but attraction between two people can not be ignored. Mary was attracted to Drew in a big way, despite all the warnings from her family she thought she knew better as her heart was ruling her head. Drew had a reputation that could not be ignored he was a rogue of the highest order, but ignore it is what Mary did. Would she live to regret it and could he be trusted despite his reputation?

I loved the relationship between Mary and Drew, she was clearly besotted with him and he played this to his advantage. I so wanted things to work out well for them. With a great cast of secondary characters this book was a joy to read and I often found myself smiling when I picked it up.

I will be looking out for more books by this Author and will be looking at collecting the previous books in this series in due course. 

I gave this book a very strong 8/10.

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