Saturday, 14 February 2015

Love on the Rocks by Veronica Henry

Love On The Rocks

From Goodreads

Bruno Thorne is the self-crowned king of Mariscombe, a seaside resort crammed with chip shops and amusement arcades. Things are changing because the resort has been picked as a holiday hot-spot and George Law wants to do for Mariscombe what Rick Stein did for Padstowe. He starts by outbidding Bruno for the rundown Rocks hotel.

My thoughts

I gave it an 8/10. This was one of those books that are easy to read and don't take too much concentration, ideal book for me to read at the time that I read it.

I've read several of Veronica Henry's books over the years and have several more on my huge TBR pile. Settling down to read her books is like slipping into a comfy chair.

Whilst, some of it was a little predictable it didn't detract away from my enjoyment in anyway at all.

Great characters all with their flaws, humour, romance and a lovely setting what more could you want?

A perfect summer time read or any time of the year read. Settle back and enjoy the journey with them all if you get the chance to read it.

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