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Baby Love (Evangeline Gower #1) by Louisa Young

Baby Love (Evangeline Gower, #1) 

From Goodreads

Fast-paced literary thriller in which ex-bellydancer Evangeline's fight to protect three-year-old Lily draws her into the seedy underworld of her past. Evangeline is a single parent whose child is the daughter of her sister, who was killed in a motorbike accident. Evangeline, who was driving the bike, sustained injuries which put an end to her bellydancing career. She now leads an exemplary life, writing and looking after Lily. But when she gets into trouble with the police, she is drawn into the shadowy world of drug dealers, pornographers and bent coppers that seems to have bizarre connections with her sister's past. With a plot that makes you rush to the end, this is a thriller without violence, a romance without sentiment and a brilliantly exciting debut.

My thoughts

I'm not sure what I actually think of this book. I wasn't sure what it was trying to be, meaning what genre it was trying to fit into. At times it was humourous, at times dark, at times a thriller of a lighter nature and then again there was a thread of romance running through it.

Louisa Young has woven a tale about Evangeline Gower a youngish woman, who's sister died in an accident that she was involved in too and has left her as main carer for the child her sister never got to meet. As the story progresses we see secrets about Janie's past being revealed and all is not as it seems.

I did feel that there wasn't the need to give us all the historical information surounding belly dancing, which was a hobby that Evangeline was interested in.

I doubt I'll be picking up the next one in this series. I gave it a 4/10.

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