Sunday, 11 May 2014

Torn by Laura Bailey


From Goodreads
For years I have followed his life, biding my time.
I will infiltrate his life,
I will have my revenge...

Madeline has followed businessman Daniel Harker from afar, biding her time for the perfect opportunity to infiltrate his life and seek her revenge; but she has not countered for the powerful presence of this enigmatic man.
As their lives entwine, a compelling obsession develops between them and Madeline must fight to retain control.
A short erotic romance with strong scenes of explicit sex, this is suitable only for those over 18

Prelude ~ 'The tension in the room reached a new level; the predatory look in his eyes. Her anxiety took on added meaning as nothing could distract from the heightened air of sexual attraction between them; the presence of this man who seemed to wield control over her senses, an arousal that consumed her as she stood within his reach, his raw masculinity barely concealed behind the refined tailored suit he wore.'

My thoughts

A quick easy not too well written erotic e-book read. I think I got this as a freebie. I was hooked by the storyline but the poor editing and the typos let the story down a little.

If anything the story was on the short side and ended rather abruptly for my liking. I will be tempted to give ths Author another go should I come across one of her stories.

Bossy dominant male meets new female office worker and you get the gist of what the story might involve. A few erotic not overly over the top scenes between them. Female office worker has a hidden agenda, read the story to find out what her agenda was.

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