Friday, 23 May 2014

The Diamond Ring (The Unbreakable Trilogy #3) by Primula Bond

The Diamond Ring (Unbreakable Trilogy, Book 3)

From Goodreads 

Sex. Love. Betrayal. And a very dramatic climax… The Unbreakable Trilogy reaches its unforgettable conclusion. A must-read for fans of erotic romance.

“You don’t know how beautiful you are, Serena. That’s the danger.”

Engaged to be married, life should be blissful for Gustav and Serena. It should be a time of happiness; a time to plan their wedding and their future together.

But the ghosts of Gustav’s past have returned to haunt him, and one in particular casts a dangerous shadow over their relationship.

Margot, Gustav’s bitter and twisted ex-wife, is determined to destroy everything that Gustav holds dear. Starting with Serena…

From the glamour of Paris to the exotic wilds of Morocco, The Diamond Ring will take you on a sensual, sexy journey like no other – with a finale you won’t forget.

My thoughts

It was with some reluctance that I started the third and final book in the Unbreakable Trilogy.  I first met Serena and Gustav in The Silver Chain and then again in The Golden Locket.  Their binding love for each other shone through in both books despite it being sorely tested at times. 

Primula Bond has a knack of drawing the reader in and even though some time had passed since reading The Golden Locket, I was soon up and running with the ensuing storyline as links to the past were given to remind us what had previously happened.

A while ago I asked a question on my blog ~ Do you ever feel that an Author or Publisher is milking it? The question referred to the increasing number of trilogies and series of stories.  This is one trilogy that definitely doesn't fit that question.  This has been a very well written trilogy and there has been plenty of story to keep the reader interested without feeling that it has been dragged out.

Serena and Gustav have been  a great couple to read about and I've really enjoyed reading about them and their escapades both in and out of the bedroom with each other and others.  With a great cast of secondary characters, both family members and acquaintances there has been plenty to keep us entertained.  In this final part we are shown the depths to which Margot will go to try to get Gustav back, despite his lack of interest in her.  She is definitely a villain to watch who will stop at nothing to win but to see if she does win you need to get your own copy, as I don't want to spoil the story for others by telling you. 

This is definitely an erotic trilogy and at times quite graphic, not to be read by the faint hearted. But, I suppose you could always skip those bits but it would be a shame as they do rather draw the reader in and at times are a fundamental part of the story and it shows the nature of the characters personalities.

I will miss them and for anyone who hasn't met them yet, please put this right sooner rather than later as I'm sure that they'll find a place in your thoughts as they did in mine.

I was sent a copy of this by Olivia Wilson before I went on holiday and completely forgot about that copy, so I was rather greedy and got another copy from NetGalley as I didn't want to miss out.  Both copies were given in exchange for an honest review. 

Can I just say thank you to Primula Bond for sharing this trilogy with us and I look forward to reading more of your work in due course.


  1. thank YOU for a terrific review -it has really made my day! Do hope the word will spread!

  2. This cheered me up to, as my days not been a great one. You're welcome Primula and it's been shared all over. :-) I hope the word spreads too as it's a grear trilogy.

    1. That should read great not grear .. lol