Friday, 16 March 2018

The Gaia Effect by Claire Buss

From Goodreads
In City 42, Corporation look after you from cradle to grave. They protect you from the radiation outside the wall. They control the food, the water, the technology and most important of all, the continuation of the human race. Kira and Jed Jenkins were lucky enough to win Collection but when their friends start falling pregnant naturally, everything changes. How long has Corporation been lying to them? Is it really toxic outside the wall? As the group comes to terms with the changes in their lives they discover there is a much more powerful and ancient force at work, trying to bridge the gap between man and nature. 

My thoughts
I gave this a 4 stars or 8/10. My thanks to the Author and Publisher via TBConFB for the opportunity to read this in exchange for an honest review.

It's no secret that I enjoy a good dystopian themed book and this is one that fits the bill nicely. In this debut story by Claire Buss we meet the occupants of City 42, their lives are pretty much controlled by the Corporation from birth to death. The Corporation control everything and leave nothing to chance, even how babies are created and what characteristics they may have. They make people believe that life outside the wall is toxic and dangerous. They monitor everything that goes on within the city walls, keeping their eye on everyone. 

Meet Kira and Jed Jenkins, their luck is and they have been chosen to win a Collection. As parents to be there are choices they have to make once they have collected their offspring in how the child is reared. In an unusual turn of events some of their friends begin to fall pregnant naturally, this is pretty much unheard of and it's not long before things begin to change in all their lives. What is happening to allow this to happen? It's not long before the Corporation are getting involved.

As events start to happen, is the Corporation all it portrays itself to be? Are the residents of City 42 starting to rebel against the Corporation or has there always been a minority that have never completely believed in all that they've been told?

This reads well as a standalone, it's well written and is engaging as a concept for a dystopian future. It's very thought provoking and would make a great reading group read there is plenty of material that can be discussed. From tweeting about reading this and communicating with the Author, I have found out that a second book is in the process of being written to continue on with the story of City 42 and it's inhabitants. I for one will be interested to see how this progresses and will look forward to reading more in the future.