Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Last Dance with Valentino by Daisy Waugh


From Goodreads

One night. One dance. One love to last a lifetime.

1916. Leaving war-ravaged London, Jenny Doyle sets sail for New York where she is to work for the de Saulles family. Their home, Gatsby-like in elegance, is rife with intrigue and madness. Only Jenny’s friendship with dancer Rodolfo offers escape… until, one tragic day, the household is changed forever. 1926. America booms, prohibition rules and Rodolfo has taken his place on the silver screen as Rudolph Valentino. Will the world’s most desired film star and his lost love have their Hollywood happy ending, or will the tragic echoes from their time with the de Saulles thwart them one last time? 

My thoughts

I picked this up at random from my local Library based on the title of the book. Whilst, I'm not necessarily a Rudolf Valentino fan as such, the title piqued my interest. I gave this a 3 stars or 6/10.

Based on real people and writing a fictitious story around certain real events, the story tells us of a relationship between Jenny and Rodolfo, while Jenny worked for the de Saulles and the later years in their lives when they have a chance meeting again.

Told as a dual time story this novel flicks backwards and forwards all the time. I was expecting more and at times I lost interest in the story a little. I did however want to see how it ended, just to satisfy my curiosity.

I did feel for Jenny in her later years as some of her relationships left a little to be desired, as she was still in search of the love of her life Rodolfo and at times I felt she was settling for people that she should have been steering clear of.

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