Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Ty's Temptation (Bad in Boots #2) by Patrice Michelle


From Goodreads

With a genius IQ, Evan Masters has always been one step ahead of most people, except when it comes to matters of the heart. When she stumbles across a seductive, tightly controlled man visiting town for a short time, she realizes he’s the perfect person to show her the ropes with no strings attached.

Ty Hudson agrees to teach Evan all he knows about sex, but he insists on doing it his way, slow and easy. As their sensual dance turns into a smouldering burn, Ty quickly discovers that innocent "Eve" is more temptation than he can resist.

Note: TY’S TEMPTATION is novel length and meant for mature readers. All the books in the BAD IN BOOTS series are stand alone stories.


* HARM'S HUNGER (Book 1) - Novella
* TY'S TEMPTATION (Book 2) - Novel
* COLT'S CHOICE (Book 3) - Novel
* JOSH'S JUSTICE (Book 4) - Novel

My thoughts

I gave this a 3 stars or 6/10.  I got this as a freebie via Bookbub.  It's the first story that I've read by this Author.  Whilst this story is part of a series, it reads well as a stand alone as do the others in the series.  All the stories contain characters that are contained in all the stories.

I enjoyed the story on the whole and whilst it states that it's for the more mature reader, there are some erotic/sexual passages in the story, but they are in no way gratuitous and fit the story well.

I liked the developing relationship that seemed to happen very quickly between Ty and Evan, due to the fact that Ty was only visiting for a short time.  Ty is forced with a proposition from Evan, which he is reluctant to get involved in.

Please grab a copy of this if you are interested in finding out what happens to Ty and Evan.

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