Sunday, 2 July 2017

Trust In Me by Sophie McKenzie

My thoughts

I enjoyed this psychological thriller it was full of twists & turns. I gave this an 8/10 or 4 stars.
Livy is married with children and her friend of at least 18 years Julia, have a close relationship. Livy's children adore this surrogate Aunty.

The relationship between Livy and Julia comes to an abrupt end, when Julia is found dead. What at first looks like suicide causes Livy to have certain doubts. These doubts are that Julia is not a person who she would've expected to commit suicide, deep down she feels that she has been killed.

Livy takes it on herself to try and prove that Julia, has been killed and as events from the past begin to rear their head she begins to realise that the death of her sister Kara, many years before might be linked. Did Livy really know Julia at all? As Livy digs deeper she realises that their are parts of Julia's life that she knew so little about. Livy finds that she can't really trust anyone as their are so many people that she feels could be the killer, even her own husband is not above suspicion. Who can she trust?

This is the first book that I've read by Stephanie McKenzie and I wouldn't have read it, had it not been one of my reading group reads. I will be searching out her back catalogue of books.

I felt the story flowed quite well and I read it very quickly, it was a joy to pick up as I was engrossed and I wanted to know what happened and what the outcome of the events would mean to everyone.

I did however feel sorry for Livy's husband, but I must admit that I did suspect him. You can't blame her for treating him the way she did, but if you can't trust your spouse who can you trust?

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