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The Missing One by Lucy Atkins


From Goodreads 

The loss of her mother has left Kali McKenzie with too many unanswered questions. But while clearing out Elena’s art studio, she finds a drawer packed with postcards, each bearing an identical one-line message a Canadian gallery owner called Susannah Gillespie: thinking of you. Who is this woman and what does she know about Elena’s hidden past?

Desperate to find out, Kali travels with her toddler, Finn, to Susannah’s isolated home on a remote British Columbian island, a place of killer whales and storms. But as bad weather closes in, Kali quickly realises she has made a big mistake. The handsome and enigmatic Susannah refuses to talk about the past, and as Kali struggles to piece together what happened back in the 1970s, Susannah’s behaviour grows more and more erratic. Most worrying of all, Susannah is becoming increasingly preoccupied with little Finn . . .

A tense, thrilling novel about a family divided by secrets, and the lengths a mother will go to protect her child.  

My thoughts

Grief can make us all do unusual things and act differently to how we might normally act.
Kali is a young Mum to Finn. She has recently lost her Mum and while sorting her Mum's things out, she finds some postcards, each containing the same message. They are all from a Canadian lady called Susannah Gillespie.
Kali is desperate to find out who the woman is and what connection she has with her Mum, Elena. Against her Dad's wishes to contact Susannah, Kali sets off on a voyage of discovery to Canada with her young son. Has she made the right decision? Will she find out the connection between Susannah and Elena? Will she live to regret her decision to go?
In Kali's position what would we do? I doubt many of us would disappear across the world in the way that she did. Her head wasn't in the right place, she was grief stricken, but she was also very inquisitive.
Kali and Finn, were left in Susannah's company longer than they should've been due to the bad weather that they were experiencing on the Canadian island that Susannah lived on. Kali did her best to find out the truth behind the connection between Susannah and her Mum. Susannah wasn't a vey co-operative person though and at times it probably felt like pulling teeth trying to get answers out of her. The reader could feel the tension growing as the book progressed, leading us up to the long drawn out ending.
Personally, I felt at times that this story could have been edited far better as it was overly long and certain parts of it could easily have been left out. Told mainly in the present we are fed flashbacks into the past and slowly certain aspects of the story are revealed to us.
Sadly, I marked the story down due to it being overly long. I was more than happy to give this a 6/10 or 3 stars.

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