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The Plume ~ The First Anthology (The Plume 1-3) by Ella Ardent


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This anthology includes the first three novellas in this series: Submission, Surrender and Seduction. It’s available in both a digital and a trade paperback edition.

Welcome to the Plume - where members are bound by desire and fantasies come true.

This anthology includes the first three Plume novellas:

SUBMISSION: Lifestyle reporter Joanna is prepared to do whatever is necessary to get the story about the notorious private club known as the Plume – even apply for membership. Rex will do anything to protect his club and the privacy of his membership – and he isn’t adverse to teaching Joanna a lesson about curiosity – and control. They both get more than expected when Joanna’s own secret desires are revealed.

SURRENDER: Mike is equally determined to forget his days of pleasure at the Plume and to win over his conservative co-worker Joanna. When he learns that Joanna plans to fulfill her sex slave fantasy within the Plume, he begs his old pal Rex to let him protect her there. Instead, Rex gives Mike to his partner, Athena, to make her fantasy come true, believing that Joanna’s surrender will ensure his own. It seems that everyone will achieve their dream except Mike, but passions don’t always run as anticipated within the Plume…

SEDUCTION: Joanna and Mike have discovered that they share a taste for bondage as well as a yearning for a committed relationship. Can they build a future together that fulfills their secret desires – or will the allure of the Plume and its pleasures prove too potent to resist? Meanwhile, it’s Christmas at the Plume and Rex is making the wishes of club members come true – including those who have been nice and those who have been naughty.

My thoughts

I gave this a 6/10 or 3 stars overall. This was a freebie via Amazon that I read on my Kindle.

I enjoy the odd erotic read occasionally and this one fit the bill nicely.  Joanna and Mike work together. Joanna has heard of the notorious Plume club, an underground erotic club that tailors towards peoples sexual desires and needs.

Joanna is keen to do an article on the club and does all she can to get her foot through the door. Little does she know that Mike was previously involved with the club and is quite intimate with both Rex and Athena, who are the owners of the club.

With many erotic passages throughout the three novellas that make up this anthology with various scenarios, they flesh out the story well.

I enjoyed the anthology and might read further stories in this series in the future.    

This is definitely for the over 18 market due to the nature of the eroticism in it.

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