Sunday, 10 July 2016

When you Walked Back into my Life by Hilary Boyd


From Goodreads

For eight years Flora's love affair with Fin was a whirlwind of fun and spontaneity - but when Flora wanted to settle down and have children, Fin vanished.

Life moved on and Flora's world filled with other people, other cares. There were benefits to being single - no socks under the bed, no mess in the bathroom - even if the memory of Fin could never be completely erased.

But then suddenly, shockingly, Fin reappears. He's a changed man, he says, and he wants her back. Is this a chance to put right the wrongs? Or a massive mistake?

My thoughts

I gave this a 3.5 stars or 7/10.

I read this book several months ago and to be honest the story hasn't stayed with me. However, reading through some reviews by other people it brought it all back to me.

This was a very easy read and is a perfect read, for picking up when you have the odd break during the day as it doesn't take a lot of concentration at all. 

At it's heart is a romance between Flora and Fin, their eight year love affair ended when Fin left.  Flora has had to rebuild her life without him, a part of her had gone forever or so she thought until one day he suddenly reappears into her life.

To find out how Flora copes with his reappearance and the impact that it has on her life, you'll have to pick a copy of it up for yourself.

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