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Shift (Silo #2) by Hugh Howey


From Goodreads

In a future less than fifty years away, the world is still as we know it. Time continues to tick by. The truth is that it is ticking away.

A powerful few know what lies ahead.

They are setting us on a path from which we can never return.

A path that will lead to destruction; that will take us below ground.

The history of the silo is about to be written.

Our future is about to begin.

My thoughts

I really enjoyed Wool, the first in the Silo trilogy. Shift, is the second in the trilogy, but it doesn't follow on chronologically from Wool. Instead it starts off telling us of a time before when the World was as we know it, before the Silos existed. 

A select group of people make decisions that will change the World as we know it. They have the Power to determine what happens in the Future. Who lives and who dies. For all we know this could really be happening behind the scenes. We'll never know unless it happens and then it'll all be too late for us, so will we care? Would we want to be one of the select few or would we prefer to take what fate has in store for us?

From the design and inception of the silos, the truth of what they were to be used for was kept from the designers. 

As the select few are gathered together and as the truth of what is about to happen begins to dawn on them, they have to make the decision to stay above ground and pay the consequences OR descend underground and make a new life for themselves.

As the book progresses through the different parts we are drawn into the lives of the underground silo inhabitants. As each silo appears to be run independent of one another, they are all controlled by one Silo and that overall control is down to one man, known as the Thawman. As we realise how instrumental the Thawman has been in all that has happened in the past, we are also made aware that others have been plotting against him all along. Trust no one and you won't go far wrong.

Taking  us from a time before the Silos and bringing us up to date, to where we left the story at the end of Wool, Shift is a very informative part of the trilogy.

Shift was a whopper of a book and whilst I've read some reviews that have stated that there is quite a lot of padding out in it, personally I didn't think that at all. I felt that what was relayed to us the reader in this one is very instrumental to the whole trilogy.

Like Wool, I found this one to be quite claustrophobic and it makes you feel as if you're experiencing it with them. It still reminds me of the television series Lost in so many ways.

Hugh Howey has taken us on a journey, showing us how Mans inhumanity to others could ruin our World as we know it. All it takes is for one man or a group of men or women to plot against everyone else and anarchy will be the result. We are all cogs in a wheel that helps the World to keep going and it only takes one or more of the cogs to stop working for whatever reason and the World as we know it, could cease to be.

How close are we to this becoming a reality?   

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