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Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult

 Lone Wolf

From Goodreads

A life hanging in the balance…a family torn apart. The #1 internationally bestselling author Jodi Picoult tells an unforgettable story about family, love, and letting go.

Edward Warren, twenty-four, has been living in Thailand for five years, a prodigal son who left his family after an irreparable fight with his father, Luke. But he gets a frantic phone call: His dad lies comatose, gravely injured in the same accident that has also injured his younger sister Cara.

With her father’s chances for recovery dwindling, Cara wants to wait for a miracle. But Edward wants to terminate life support and donate his father’s organs. Is he motivated by altruism, or revenge? And to what lengths will his sister go to stop him from making an irrevocable decision?

Lone Wolf explores the notion of family, and the love, protection and strength it’s meant to offer. But what if the hope that should sustain it, is the very thing that pulls it apart? Another tour de force from Jodi Picoult, Lone Wolf examines the wild and lonely terrain upon which love battles reason.

My thoughts

I've read several of Jodi Picoult's books over the years. Initially I have to say that I was slightly put off them by the covers. They were all much the same and I appreciate that Authors often do this as they have a brand as such.

However, I finally gave them a go. I picked this one up as it had been a book choice of the month for an online Forum that I use.

I enjoyed this book and found it a very thought provoking read. It would make a great Reading group read as there is so much that can be discussed, possibly too much maybe.

Cara is in hospital her Dad, who she lives with is in a coma. They'd both be in the same accident and his life hangs in the balance. Her Mother has contacted Edward her 24 year old brother, who left to live in Thailand, branching out on his own miles away from his Family. Edward had left under a cloud following a row with his Father, Luke.

Edward and Cara's family life had not been a normal one, their Father had spent two years away from the Family, living with a wolf pack. His life revloved around wolves and he cared for several families in captivity. They were left with their Mother as sole Parent. Sadly to say their Parents separated in the end, when they were younger.

As Luke's life hangs in the balance and he is being kept alive by the aid of a ventilator, Edward and Cara have some very difficult decisions to make. Both of them feel that they know what to do for the best for Luke, but who is right and who is wrong.

As neither of them can agree and as things are about to happen that Cara doesn't agree with she takes matters into her own hands. As events escalate Edwared and Cara end up on separate sides of a legal battle that no one wants, but is an inevitable outcome.

Who will win the battle or will they agree to disagree amicably for the sake of their father Luke?

Told from a multiple person POV and interspersed with pages about Luke and information about wolf hierarchy within the pack. This will keep you turning the pages as it had me engaged from start to finish.  I gave this an 8/10.

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