Thursday, 28 May 2015

License to Date (Better Date than Never #6) by Susan Hatler


From Goodreads

After discovering her fiancé cheated on her, Kaitlin is focused on two things: remodeling her new home and avoiding men at all costs. But her friends insist she get back in the driver’s seat and date again. They strike a hard bargain and agree to paint her house if she goes on five dates.

Anxious to get the paint job started, Kaitlin schedules five dates in five days, but her plan falls to pieces when a sexy bartender at her venue-of-choice makes her swoon. Even though he observes each of the dates from afar, she can’t help but want him to come a little closer.

The last person she should fall for is a mysterious bartender with a sinful smile, but Paul makes her want to take risks again. Will the charming man with electric blue eyes break her heart or will he prove to her that a license to date is what makes life worth the drive?

My thoughts

My thanks to the Publishers and NetGalley for the chance to read this story in exchange for an honest review.  I gave this an 8/10 for taking me away from reality and letting me into the world of Kaitlin.

This is the sixth story in the Better Date than Never series, it's the first story in the series that I have read. However, I didn't feel that this detracted away from the story at all and I read it very easily as a standalone story.

I was thoroughly engrossed in the story from start to finish, iit took me away from my normal day to day life. Whilst, it was a little predictable it didn't spoil my enjoyment of it at all.

I felt that the two main characters worked well together. We all have to kiss a few frogs before we find our prince. That can be said for Kaitlin with her numerous dates that she was supposedly going on in order to get her friend's to help her with work on her House. Will Kaitlin find love and attraction among the men on her dates or wll she find it elsewhere?

A great short story to read during your coffee break or lunch break.

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