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The Haunting of Sunshine Girl by Paige McKenzie & Alyssa B. Sheinmel


From Goodreads

Based on the wildly popular YouTube channel, The Haunting of Sunshine Girl has been described as “ Gilmore Girls meets Paranormal Activity for the new media age.” YA fans new and old will learn the secrets behind Sunshine—the adorkable girl living in a haunted house—a story that is much bigger, and runs much deeper, than even the most devoted viewer can imagine…

My thoughts

This got a well deserved 10/10 ~ 5 stars from me.  I loved it and was entranced by it from start to finish.  My thanks to the Publishers & NetGalley for the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

Having read a friend's review of this on Goodreads, I thought it sounded really good and was lucky enough to get accepted for this before it was archived and boy am I glad I did.

This is apparently the first in a series according to Alyssa on a blog post although it doesn't state it on the book info.  I was hoping that there would be a second book as I want to know more.

The book is aimed at the YA market but is a great cross over book that can be read by anyone in my opinion.  I am a huge fan of paranormal style books and this fits the bill nicely.

Sunshine is an unusual teenager in some ways, she dresses rather unconventionally for a teenager and moving to a new home and school, appears to be a bit of a loner.  She lives with her Mum, who is a Nurse at a local Hospital.  However, she soon strikes up a friendship with Nolan.  Nolan proves to be quite an instrumental character to the story and helps Sunshine make certain discoveries about herself.

Sunshine lives in a house that is haunted and she can't fathom out the nature of the haunting at first.  She then becomes aware of footsteps and giggling, things are moved in her room.  As the story progresses she realises the nature of the haunting and along with Nolan, goes on a journey of discovery to find out the history of the house and by so doing finds out more about the haunting.

This was a fairly easy, quick read that I found to be well written.  It was quite atmospheric and spooky at times.  It kept me engrossed from start to finish.  I found myself shedding a tear at the end, as it had entranced me that much.

The book is now readily available for purchase.

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