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Lusted (Lusted #1) by Pia Sparks

Lusted (Lusted, #1) 

From Goodreads

A quirky, dirty, literary, love story...

KYLIE MORRIS is not normal. She's brilliant, but naive. All she knows is her sheltered life studying the viola. She longs for excitement or happiness, but would settle for a clue as to what she should do with her life. After losing her job with the symphony, Kylie finds herself on an interview at Lust Media-an adult publishing company. Her curiosity is captured not only by the job, but her boss, Benjamin Price.

But after 14 years of hard work, can she quit playing viola to work in porn? And if she stays, even for a little while, can she handle all the kinky demands of her new employer, or will being with Benjamin shatter what little self-esteem she has left?

MILLIONS aren't enough for Benjamin Price. He wants to be a billionaire, and he's all set for expansion, but he has one major problem. It's hard to attract the top talent when you're still growing as a company, and you make pornography.

When his shy, new hire shows promise, Benjamin wonders what it will take to make her stay. He knows how to get women to do what he wants, but will he get snagged in his own trap to ensnare Kylie?

* * *

HOT SEXY ALERT: Not for people who blush at strong language and not for anyone under voting age

This book puts a realistic, quirky twist on the alpha romance, office romance, billionaire erotic romance novel. If you like unusual characters, enjoy romance as well as literary women's fiction, or are in the mood for something different, then this book is for you. Readers looking for a more traditional, BDSM billionaire, first-person novel may find the alternating third-person POV and off-center heroine not to their liking.

Lusted is Book One of a genre-expanding, new adult contemporary romance series, but there is NO CLIFFHANGER. There is a REAL ENDING. There are, however, unresolved questions that will be answered in subsequent books.
The Lusted Series (featuring Kylie & Benjamin)
Lusted 2: Totally Exposed
Lusted 3: Billionaire Bound
Lusted 4: Uncovered Secrets
Lusted Standalones: (featuring other Lusted characters)
Broken Hearted (Lusted 3.5)
Left Behind (Lusted 4.5)

My thoughts

6/10 from me. My thanks go to NetGalley and the Publishers for a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.

This is a novella length story, the first in the Lusted series. It's a fairly quick read all in all.

Kylie is a talented musician but as things take a turn for the worst (and I'm not all to sure how it happens if I'm honest), she ends up no longer part of the symphony orchestra that she was working with. She makes a couple of bad judgements by sleeping with someone and never ends up going back but this is all a little rushed as the story begins.

Kylie lives with her parents and has a history of some mental issues. She is jobless and finds herself applying for a job working for Lust Media, in the adult magazine market.

Benjamin is head of Lust Media, he is a dominant male who spots the submissive tendencies in Kylie, he doesn't want her working for the team, she is told she doesn't have the job initially but then she ends up there working as she puts herself forward through hardwork. Benjamin is attracted to Kylie and knows that work and out of work relationships don't always work, but against his better judgement he decides to pursue her. He is determined that he has to have her and he soon begins to have her doing what he wants her too in more ways than one.

The writing isn't great and swaps between different characters points of view. Erotic in nature, it will titillate the senses from time to time as the scene is set for both some BDSM and vanilla scenes. The story is not overly gratuitous in it's erotic scenes and they blend into the storyline well.

This can be read as a standalone and there is no cliffhanger scene to leave the reader wanting more

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