Sunday, 1 March 2015

A Perfect Home by Kate Glanville

A Perfect Home
From Goodreads
This is the beautifully observed and poignant love story of a woman who has to find out if home really is where the heart is.

Claire appears to have it all - the kind of life you read about in magazines; a beautiful cottage, three gorgeous children, a handsome husband in William and her own flourishing vintage textile business.

But when an interiors magazine sends a good-looking photographer to take pictures of Claire’s perfect home, he makes her wonder if the house means more to William than she does.

New edition published by Accent Press 2014.
My thoughts
A strong 7/10, that might have made 8 if it hadn't been in need of better proof reading.

I enjoyed this easy to read rom-com style story. It proves to us that the grass is not always greener on the other side and that we should sometimes allow people the benefit of the doubt.

Claire and William appear to have it all, a perfect home, a happy marriage or so it seems, three lovely children and jobs that suit them both well.

Appearances are not always what they seem and when a photographer arrives at the 'Perfect Home' to take some shots for a magazine article, Claire's world is rocked a little, as she begins to wonder if the house means more to her husband than she and the family do.

I found all the characters engaging and at times I just wanted Claire to wake up and smell the coffee to be honest. The children were adorable and I think deep down that William would have preferred them to have been seen but not heard.

Well worth picking up if you get the chance in my opinion.

Available form Amazon at time of posting for £1.85.

Her debut novel Heartstones is also available from Amazon too.

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