Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Uncoupled by Lizzie Enfield


From Goodreads
Holly knew that by staying with her he was putting himself at risk. But, as he held her in the darkness, she didn't want to let him go. Holly's a mother with children, a husband she loves, and a time-consuming job in London. She copes, and life is good. So when she is in a train accident on the London to Brighton line, Holly knows that it's just a small chapter in her life and nothing has changed. But Holly can't forget the younger man who comforted her in the chaos of the crash, and when she seems him again on her daily commute up to town, there's a flash of recognition between them. Is it embarrassment? Curiosity? Or is there something more? And what of Anne-Marie, another passenger who has survived—just what is her story?

My thoughts

I really thought that there was lots of food for thought in this read. Personally, I feel that it would make a great Reading Group read as there is quite a lot of content that would lead to a great discussion in a Reading Group.

At the heart of the story we have a young married Mother called Holly. When Holly is nvolved an a train crash a fellow male passenger, remains with her to keep her company until the rescue teams arrive.

As Holly and her male companion come to terms with the aftermath of the crash, a friendship betweens them strikes up. They can't help but be there for one another as they are survivors and have both been through the same trauma. How would we cope if we had been passengers on that train? As another person Anne-Marie involved with the crash attempts to befriend Holly and her male companion, they both feel apprehensive around her, but feel that they should be their for her too.

As all the characters and their families deal with the repercussions in their own way, relationships begin to falter. How will they all get through it and will the relationships survive everything that is thrown at them?

I enjoyed the story but feel that it would have benefitted from better proofreading. An easy read that deals with post traumatic stress.

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