Friday, 4 April 2014

Julie & Romeo Get Lucky by Jeanne Ray


From Goodreads

Jeanne Ray's New York Times bestselling debut, Julie and Romeo, introduced two unforgettable star-crossed lovers whose feuding families threatened to foil their romance. Now Julie and Romeo are back -- and this time Lady Luck is throwing a few curveballs their way. . . .

Julie Roseman and Romeo Cacciamani know a thing or two about good fortune. For generations, their families were rival florists and bitter enemies. Then Julie and Romeo met by chance, just as each became single again, and they fell in love. Three years later, Julie and Romeo are still blissfully happy, but with their respective houses packed to the rafters with family, the odds of their ever getting a moment of peace together seem as likely as winning the lottery.

They get their wish -- with a twist -- when an injury puts Romeo flat on his back. Now Julie has to figure out how to run two flower shops, take care of an ever-expanding household, tackle her granddaughter's fixation with lottery tickets, keep her daughters from regressing into full-scale teenage bickering, and nurse her beloved Romeo back to health. And Lady Luck has one more surprise in store. . . .

My thoughts

I thought that this was a great follow up to Julie and Romeo.  A nice cosy contemporary romance about the pair from rival families, who love each other and want to put the past behind them.  

Well written this story is a pleasant way to spend a few hours, you'll be drawn into the mixed up family lives of this lovely pair.  The characters are immensely likeable and Romeo's matriarchal mother is a scene stealer at times.

All Julie and Romeo crave is some time for themselves and left with a little time on their hands one day, they try to spend it as consenting Adults might.  Unfortunately, things don't go to plan and Romeo ends up being bed bound leaving Julie to be his nurse maid.  This is when the problems start for the pair and everything begins to spiral out of control. 

I loved the lottery fixation and how they all pandered to it by secretly continuing to buy the lottery tickets for the younger family member.  All she ever wanted was to win but this winning lark always brings its own problems with it.  Read it to see if she gets the win that she craves.

If you ever come across this book I'm sure that you'll like it every bit as much as I did.  A definite 8/10 from me.  

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