Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Long and Short of It by Jan Ruth. Free to buy from Amazon.

 The Long and the Short of it.

From Amazon

An emotive collection of stories and excerpts from the Welsh Mountains of Snowdonia.
What to do About Clara?
The certainty of old love, or the uncertainty of new?
Frankie has two women in his life and he needs to make a choice. 
Over the Moon
It's Pattie's birthday, but will all her wishes come true?
Romantic comedy. Events are planned, but Pattie simply longs to escape, preferably to the man next door!
Two Hearts, One soul
The bond of a twin can never be broken, not even by death. Belief is a powerful, invisible tool. Celtic fantasy, inspired by the many Druid circles and standing stones scattered across the Welsh hillsides.
A Piece of Cake
Lead sixteen ramblers along an easy section of the coastal path. It should have been easy, but saving his life at the same time, made for a more challenging route.
Romantic comedy. Alpha male thinks he's in control, but the day brings some surprising revelations!
Christmas Present.
Christmas spirit; is it a present, or a presence?
Flash fiction. Some poignant thoughts about family and the pride of those elderly and alone.
Note from the Author:
Some of these stories have open endings in much the same style as they are written, allowing personal interpretation to play a part. They are followed by the first chapter from each of three novels. 
Jan Ruth. 

My thoughts.

This is an e-book containing five short stories of varying length. I enjoyed all the stories but the one called A Piece of Cake was my favourite. At the end of the book is the first chapter of Wild Water, Midnight Sky and White Horizon.

I'd recommend this e-book as it'll give you a taster of the quality of writing by the Author and the first chapters of the three books at the end will give you an idea of the content and subject matter of the books.

A great way to spend time having a cuppa and reading one of the short stories while having a break from the mundanity of day to day life.

To get a copy of the stories, just copy and paste the link below:


  1. Pretty sure I got this on your recommendation Bernie, not a huge fan of short stories but will give it a bash. Thanks for sharing.


    1. I'm not a love of short stories either really. They're worth reading to see the type of writing that Jan Ruth does. Let me know what you thought of them in due course. x

    2. That should read lover not love by the way.