Monday, 17 February 2014

Here on Earth by Alice Hoffman

Here On Earth

From Goodreads

March returns to her childhood home with her teenage daughter, Gwen, to attend the funeral of the housekeeper who brought her up. Unexpectedly, though, the visit rekindles in March a passion for an earlier unrequited love. Overwhelmed by her emotions, she abandons her marriage and life commitments in pursuit of the affair. But her lover is a man of strange secrets with a violent streak, and she soon discovers him to be a Bluebeard with a sinister collection...

Here on Earth is both a darkly compelling love story and a fantastically detailed portrait of small-town life, rife with gossip, tensions and murky pasts.

My thoughts

4.5 stars.

Whilst this has been compared to Wuthering Heights whilst I can see some comparisons in certain parts, I feel that this is a far far darker story.

It was a dark compelling read about a small American town and it's inhabitants. March Murray takes a trip back in time almost, as she visits her old hometown with her daughter to pay their respects at a funeral.

Peoples lives have changed but attractions or should I say infatuations for some have never moved on. It's the infatuations that lead to complications for March and at times you wish she'd wise up to the actions of certain people.

Unlike other stories by Hoffman this isn't in the same magical vein but it's still a fab read and if you've not read any of her stories before, then I can thoroughly recommend them.

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