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Niedermayer & Hart by M.J.Johnson.

Niedermayer & Hart

From Goodreads.

Jim Latimer reads of fellow photographer John Loxton's suicide in a daily newspaper. An old friend offers Jim an opportunity to take over Loxton's next assignment. He enters the orbit of Niedermayer & Hart, porcelain dealers with elegant headquarters in Hove. Jim's friends Ruth and Erich sense something isn't right and try to warn him. He is brought face to face with a terrifying manifestation of evil that had its inception in medieval Acre.

A band of unlikely vigilantes takes on an implacable enemy.

This is a story of friendship, courage and steadfastness, taking the reader on more than one journey before it arrives at its conclusion in the Berwyn Mountains of North Wales. More than just a fight for life - these friends are playing for the highest stakes of all.

My thoughts

To be honest I'm not sure how I came by a copy of this story but boy am I glad I did. 

The story is similar to a dual time frame story as part of the action takes place in the here and now and some takes place in medieval times.  

Jim Latimer takes up a position working for the company of Niedermayer & Hart as a photographer taking photos of porcelain for a catalogue.  Jim begins to suspect that all is possibly not as it seems but little does he know of the horrors that await him.

As we feel the tension mounting in both time frames things begin to happen and similar horrors await for all the characters.  The reader begins to wonder could the two time frames become linked in any way and if so what is the full extent of the link?  To find this out you'll have to read it for yourself.

If you enjoy horror stories this is the story for you.  I've not read any true horror stories for a while and this was a great read that'll keep you reading on and on.  I gave this a 9/10.  I think this would be great if it was ever made into a film.

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