Sunday, 28 September 2014

Where does the time fly?

A few weeks ago I wrote a post regarding things that were happening and had receently happened in my life. It's odd how we let things affect us at different times and at other times they might not affect us in quite the same way.

I've read quite a few books recently but I've not had the time and inclination to put my thoughts on the books into reviews. My mind has been on other things and I've not had time to concentrate on the reviews. However, I aim to put ths right this week and will try to catch up with reviews of all that I've recently read.

Please keep an eye on my blog and you might manage to catch one of my reviews. I hope that all my blog readers are well and good wishes to anyone celebrating anything special soon. xx


  1. Take care Bernie. You have to put you first. We are all quite understanding here, we get slumps for whatever reason or times when there is too much going on elsewhere in our lives. We shall be here and look forward to your reviews as and when you are ready. :)

  2. Thanks Jane, your comments are much appreciated. xx