Saturday, 6 September 2014

Life as we know it and recent events.

As some of my online friends are aware, I was unlucky enough to find my neighbour who'd passed away in his home in July.  Whilst I have been blogging since this happened I've been quieter than I usually am.

This has affected me more than I thought it would recently. I used to be a Nurse and have helped with the laying out of people who've passed away, but this didn't help me this time. The shock of finding him didn't hit me straight away either. I feel that our bodies take over at the time and help us get through what we have to get through in order to carry on with our day to day life.

I've suffered with a few panic attacks over a couple of days at the end of August,which was around a month since I found him.  These I've put down to delayed shock and I doubt that their is any other cause.

So please bear with me if my posts on my blog aren't as often as they have been in the past, but I'm not going anywhere and they will appear.  I'm still reading, and reading plenty trust me, it's just the reviews that are slow at the moment.

It does out things in perspective when you find someone and it makes you realise that we should live for the day really, as none of us are immortal. Life is for the Living and that's what I'm planning to do. 


  1. How awful! I'm so sorry to hear this Bernie. I lost a friend recently and it was a shock as she hadn't even told her closest friends she was ill although one guessed but felt she couldn't tell anyone. You are so right it does put things in perspective and makes one think differently about how one lives one's life. It sounds like the panic attacks are probably caused or triggered by this event. Hugs x

  2. Yes Jane, I'm sure they have been. I suffered from them many years ago after similar delayed shock but I'll not go into it now. Sorry to hear about your friend too. xx