Sunday, 6 July 2014

Lazy Sunday

Took a trip to a local place that sells Koi carp and other fish this morning, as my MIL wanted some goldfish for her pond.  Came away with 5 koi for our pond.

This afternoon has been a lazy sort of one. Watched the Britsh GP from Silverstone, whilst it was great that Lewis Hamilton took first place, I was more interested in Daniel Ricciardo taking the third spot. He's one to watch for the future.

Wimbledon followed the GP and a win for Djokovic was in order, I so wanted him to win and loved his speech later dedicating his win to various people, which included his wife to be and the baby that they're expecting.

Whilst my eyes weren't on the TV, I've been catching up with some reviews on here, NetGalley and Goodreads.

Finally, to top it off so far, I'm watching some great eye candy on Channel 4 in A Knight's Tale.  Heath Ledger, was such a good looking and talented actor taken before hs time.  The other eye candy is Rufus Sewell.  Both very good looking in their own ways.


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