Thursday, 5 June 2014

Updating my Goodreads 2014 Challenge.

As I was 8 books ahead of my target of 80 books to read this year.  I decided to update my Challenge.  Last year I read a 100 books or just over, so I've updated this years to 90 for the moment, if I find I'm doing well with the new challenge total then I might update it to a 100 again.

So watch this space!  :-)

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  1. Well as I've had a bumper reading session so far this month, guess what? Yes, I've upped the total to a 100. At the moment I'm 9 books ahead of schedule bvut one of these I didn't finish. As I come to the end of my challenge I'll make sure that I read at least one extra book for any that haven't been finished.