Thursday, 5 June 2014

MIA for a week.

My internet connection went down just over a week ago.  The reason being that my old modem had become outdated, I was using a BT Voyager modem that had subsequently been replaced with a newer BT Hub.

BT weren't very helpful when I rang them to complain about my lack of connection.  They made me do several checks to make sure that it was the modem and not to do with the line.  I didn't mind doing this but being told that they would ring me back in 30 minutes and then having to ring them myself AGAIN, several hours later only to have to go through the similar questions AGAIN as I'd previously answered did annoy me.

Now when talking to someone in New Delhi, it can often be interesting to say the least, mainly due to the accents and not always being able to understand them, this can often be problematic.  Anyway this wasn't the case, as Cedric was quite easy to understand.  He told me that unfortunately my modem had become outdated and would need replacing.  I did ask why they don't send out modems to Customers as they become outdated, only to be told that that is not how they work!!  Common sense doesn't seem to be a strong point, as surely they (BT) know what modems their Customers are using.  Sadly, he wasn't very competent at ordering my new modem which he informed me would take 3-5 business working days to arrive.  Despite receiving the text that he informed me I would receive and then one that didn't arrive that would give me the information to track the modem that might've been coming from New Delhi or not!!!

Now, I'm not the most patient person in the world and I waited patiently every day for the modem to arrive.  My darling Son Anthony, asked me every night when he came home 'Has it come today?', only for me to give him the same answer 'NO'.

So I took the bull by the horns yesterday and rang BT AGAIN, as the modem had not turned up and it had been the 5 business working days from ordering.  Yes, you've guessed it, I was talking to someone else in New Delhi and I had to go through the same or similar questions and was kept on hold several times while he read the notes.  This time I was informed that the modem HAD NOT been ordered and that their must have been a glitch in the communication between New Delhi and the UK.  Maybe, the order got lost in translation!!

So the nice person from New Delhi bore the wrath of my tongue and no I wasn't abusive but he could tell I was very cross.  He ordered me a new modem and said that I would receive it within 2 days, what happened to the 3-5 business working days?  Mind you I did tell him that I wouldn't be happy if it was going to take up to 5 days AGAIN.  I also made a complaint about Cedric's previous incompetence and also negotiated a weeks reduction from my bill for loss of use of connection.  We'll have to see if this happens or not when I get my next bill.

After having finished talking to New Delhi, I rang the number on my bill for making complaints to and spoke with someone down South who was very helpful and confirmed that the modem had been ordered and that someone would ring on Friday to make sure that the modem had arrived.  I wasn't happy to rely on the person from New Delhi having placed the order as I'd been there before.

Hallelujahhhhhhhhhhh the modem turned up this morning, so all is well at the moment and I'm happy as I've got my internet back.  


  1. How frustrating! I have heard that BT don't give a very good service. We're with Virgin and generally find they are okay at sorting things out. Pleased you are back up and running again :)

  2. Yes, it was very frustrating Jane and the annoying thing is that they use call centres abroad. I know it's cheaper for them to do so, but it's hard work talking to them. I'm glad to be back too. :-)