Monday, 5 May 2014

Viva Las Vegas .....

Well my long awaited week to Las Vegas has been and gone.  Fabulous place to visit, the Hotels have got to be seen to be believed but once you've seen one Casino, you've seen them all.  We walked for miles and miles. 

Hence, the blog being quiet for the last week or more.  Too much to do before we went and we have been busy socialising since we got back.  My liver is probably feeling rather pickled at the moment in vodka and coke and the UK measures do seem very weak compared to what I had been used to while we were away.

I must admit I do prefer the temperatures that we left behind.  What's not to like about going out in a morning and it being in the 80's, so much better than the rain that we've got as I am writing this.

Sadly, our bank accounts won't run to us being out there all the time :-(.  So, it's back to the grindstone properly tomorrow.  Wish me Luck.  xx

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