Thursday, 17 April 2014

What do you like to read in a review?

I ask this as I have read quite a few reviews tonight on Amazon and I am surprised to see quite a few people like to reveal spoilers in the reviews.  Do you like to read a review of a book that contains spoilers?

I know that the reviews that I have read contain spoilers as they are reviews of books that I have read.  I find this quite inconsiderate to the Author and also to the reader reading that review.  It is a shame that people feel they have to give spoilers in their reviews.  I suppose that if you have not read the book yet and are reading the review containing the spoilers that you might not realise that the spoilers are there.

When writing a review I try not to give away any spoilers.  I also try to keep my reviews on the shorter side when I can, as it almost feels like you're reading an essay when you read some reviews as they can be quite lengthy.

I know my reviews might not be the best reviews in the world but they are only my thoughts and I hope that, that is how they come across.


  1. I have to agree here. I don't like spoilers and try not to put them in my reviews. Also, I try and keep my reviews short. I switch off if I have to read too long a review.

  2. I agree I switch off as well if a review is too long. Sometimes you can't help leaving a longer review though.

  3. No, I definitely don't like spoilers or long reviews either.However, I feel I've done an author an injustice if I don't write a lengthy review for them.