Saturday, 1 February 2014

One of my guilty pleasures.

Ok this might not be quite as risque as the title of the post suggests but never mind.  I have several guilty pleasures and one of them is watching the James Bond films.  I'm not bothered who takes the title role either.

I do think Daniel Craig plays him well though and brought a more action filled darker side to him.  Tonight we had no plans as such.  So after doing our second job of being the Taxi of Mum & Dad.  We called at a local Pub for a spot of tea and would have stayed out but there was no one in that we knew.

So watching the TV it is, once we got home.  Having sat and watched Casualty while soaking my feet prior to doing a pedicure of sorts.  I sat and flicked through the channels and spotted that on ITV+1 was Daniel Craig in his second outing as James Bond in The Quantum of Solace, whilst this isn't my favourite of Daniel's films it's still very watchable.

So this is one of my guilty pleasures for tonight.

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