Monday, 13 January 2014

December reads.

As the year drew to a close I was in a bit of a dilemma. In a fit of madness around October as I was nearing the end of my Goodreads Challenge, where I'd set it at 80 books to read in a year I made the decision to up it by 20 books to a 100 books. I was getting behind with my challenge and made the decision to read mostly short books during December.

Unfortunately, most of these were fairly average reads with 7 of  the 9 books read receiving 6/10.

The Child Who by Simon Lelic, this was my Cracker of the Month and I gave it 9/10. A story centering around the fact that a young 12 year old boy is accused of murdering an 11 year old girl and the fallout that ensues for the attorney and his family, in charge of defending this young boy.

The following all received 6/10.

In the Woods by Tana French. The first in the Dublin Murder squad series. If I am honest this didn't really blow me away like I hoped it would.

A Christmas Wish by Carole Matthews.  A short story that packed a punch.

Fifty Shades of Silver Hair & Socks, Fifty Shades Shadier & Fifty Shades Effed all by Phil Torcivia.  This is a parody trilogy based on Fifty Shades of Grey.  At times they're quite funny but don't read if you're not used to the odd swear word and erotic scenes.  Not quite as naive in some ways as it's more famous trilogy that it's based on.

Angels in the Snow by Sarah Morgan.  A typical Harlequin style romance, two stories about twin brothers both in the medical profession with tangled love lives.  A very easy seasonal read, which was just what I needed around the Christmas period.

A Christmas Tail by T.F.Muir.  A short story set around Christmas that has a lovely little twist to it.  A nice little freebie when I downloaded it.

Lowest mark of 4/10 went to Fifty Shades of Glasgow by Kieran Gallacher.  Not one for the faint hearted very lewd, gritty and very short too.

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