Sunday, 29 September 2013

Passing books on to others once read.

As a lot of people know I'm an avid reader and have almost a 1,000 tree books to read and a small collection a couple of hundred or so kindle reads that I read on my laptop.

Omce I've read a book and decide that I no longer want to keep it, then I pass it on. I do this by several methods ~ post to friends, take to Charity shops, pass to Family and friends by hand, take to meets with like minded friends or leave in different places for people to pick up at will.

Yesterday, I wrapped a copy of Something from Tiffany's by Melissa Hill in a clear plastic bag and placed on my garden wall. I saw several people walk past and look at it. A lady did finally take it home with her, she'd had an earlier conversation with my hubby as she went on her walk. She picked the book up and he spoke to her and told her she was free to take it and any of the ones in the House that I've not read yet, he did laugh as he said the last part. Heaven forbid anyone should take any of my unread books yet, perish the thought. She laughed and told him if it was still there on her way home that she'd take it and that is what she did. It makes me smile when I see people take them and I love sharing my joy of reading with others in this way.

I've had many a conversation with strangers about books that we've read. I'd be lost if I didn't read and I can't understand why others don't like reading as much as I do.

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